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How Arabs & Jews
See Israel


Separated at Birth - Divided by History.

Why Peace in the Middle East is about more than trading real estate.

It's a family affair with a lot of participants...

1. The Arab World sees Palestine as one complete state without Israel. Jews see two entities and some disputed areas.

2. The Jews have a multitude of religious sites - many in the West Bank.

3. The Arabs only revere Jerusalem and to a much lesser extent, the birthplace of Abraham (Hebron).


4. The two groups are joined at the Abraham story.  Abraham's Rock is where the Jews believe Isaac was sacrificed and their convenant with God was sealed over 3,000 years ago.


Muslims believe that the prophet Muhammed went to heaven from the same rock to receive the Koran 1300 years ago.


This rock is now now the location of the Rock of the Dome, Islam's 3rd most holy site.

5. A peace which does NOT take these issues into account is unlikely to work. No Peace Efforts so far have done and therefore have failed

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